Founded in 1979, the Loisaida Center is the oldest Puerto Rican nonprofit organization in the Lower East Side. Since then, its mission has been to address the “social and economic disenfranchisement of poor, low-income, and working class residents of the Lower East Side.” Every year, the Loisaida Center hosts the Loisaida Festival, which attracts over 18,000 visitors. The Festival celebrates Puerto Rican and Latino culture through music, food, and the arts. It began as an event for the community and has now grown to attract visitors from all over the city. It also serves as a platform to disseminate critical information regarding education, health, or other public interest information to the neighborhood. The Festival is held on Avenue C, or Loisaida Avenue, from East 12th to East 6th Streets. The 2017 Loisaida Festival will be held during Memorial Day weekend, on May 28th.






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